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So DS spent the first of 2 days eating lunch in the office yesterday. He also told Cynthia that he was grounded from the phone, television, and his electronic devices. DS had a sports game to play and DD had ballet yesterday evening. We didn’t all get home until almost 8:00pm. It was a few minutes after 8:00 when I checked the phone and noticed that Cynthia had called twice while we were out and left a voice message.  So I confirmed again that he told her he wasn’t allowed to use the phone and he said yes, and that when he told her, she said she was confined to her bedroom. So I suggested maybe there wasn’t a whole lot of truth to her being confined to her bedroom since she was using the phone. That’s when DS informed me that she has a phone in her bedroom. (He made a brief visit to her house recently at her invitation) Wait, what??? Why does a kid in grade 4 need a phone in her bedroom? And if you do happen to send your child to their room as a punishment, shouldn’t the telephone be one of the items removed?  I’m tempted to change our voicemail greeting to say “If you are calling for DS, please hang up, as he is not allowed to receive calls at this time.”


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