Biased much?

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I had a little chat with the VP today about the lunch incident a few days ago, and my suspicions that there is a bias against DS were confirmed when the VP said she doesn’t know who the ring leader is since the stories are conflicting. Funny, because Cynthia has left the school 3 times prior according the VP (4 times prior according to my son), which is more than any of the other kids involved, yet he only left 2 times prior according to the VP and DS. Common sense tells me that the person who has left school the most for the same intentions would be the one behind it, right?  Then the VP suggested that DS has a crush on this girl. I set the record straight, and told her about the eye shadow and my surprise that the school would allow it in grade 4 (she said they can’t police that type of stuff at school, too much to worry about as is). I also mentioned the repeated phone calls to our house by this girl, and that my DS doesn’t have much time to use the phone since he is involved in so many sports. The VP acknowledged he usually plays sports at lunch and recess. So she agreed that ‘maybe’ the crush was the other way around. In my opinion, it’s not even a ‘maybe’; it IS the other way around.  I have seen the way DS is and acts when he has liked a girl in the past… I have not gotten any indications that he likes this one any more than his other peers.  And so I ask myself, why was the bias against him? Because he is a boy, and it’s deemed that boys are always the trouble makers, or is it because Cynthia’s mother volunteers endlessly at the school and they are afraid to suggest that her child isn’t perfect? I’d say it’s a bit of both…


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