Summer isn’t here yet, but…

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Summer isn’t here yet, but I am even more excited for the upcoming hockey season. My DS is on a new team this year and we just had our first parent’s meeting the other night. That first meeting is always so exciting!  To add to the excitement I’ve also taken on the role of the Social Committee Chairperson, which I’m really looking forward to.  It sounds more intimidating, I think, than it actually is… because I hope to work together with most, if not all of the parents to find fun ways to get the kids together throughout the season, and at tournaments.  Your suggestions are appreciated, too!

So what is up with this weather that can’t decide what season we are in? I just hope it all settles into place by the time school lets out for summer.  I need to get cracking on figuring out the routine this summer, but my plans will include programs the local library and businesses have to offer, keeping up with their school work via workbooks and reading, a week at a summer (day) camp, and a ‘100 Things to do This Summer’ bucket list – I’ve seen a couple floating around social media sites and I love the ideas. Geocaching will also be a major focus this summer, as will bike riding, and I would like to go on a few hikes, and go camping at least once this summer.  How will you keep your kids from saying “I’m bored” everyday?


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